Newborn Session Prep Guide

Congratulations to you!!! Thank you for allowing me the amazing and rewarding  job of photographing your new baby in his/her first few days of life. I am truly honored to be able to capture this incredible time in your lives and look forward to getting to know you and your sweet babe!


Do not change the baby’s diet the day before or during the session. Continue to feed your baby how you normally do (breast-feed, formula-feed, or both). Bring plenty of bottles! Your baby will need to eat more often during the session than they normally do. Do not make any sudden changes to the baby’s diet that may contribute to fussiness.


Before the shoot, please feed baby prior and do your best to keep baby awake. Try giving a bath, let baby kick with only a diaper on, tickle their toes, and let them fuss for a little bit (no pacifiers) for the few hours beforehand. We want the baby to be full, content and sleeping to ensure those curly, sleepy newborn pictures


Be patient. If your baby is fussy or alert, do not stress out. Your newborn can sense your anxiety and we want to keep the environment as mellow as possible. We will try and get them comfortable again, but if that does not seem possible, we will take a break or may even reschedule (at the photographer’s discretion).


Be prepared for messes of all kinds. Babies do not care where, when and who they pee, poo, spit up or vomit on. That is why I will be dressed in comfy sweats as I work and why you (if you want to be in the photos with your newborn) would want to bring an extra set of clothing.


As the session can take up to 1.5-2.5 hours,  bringing a snack and refreshments are encouraged!Also bring plenty of snacks for baby and for siblings.


Nothing is the best wardrobe for a newborn. No outfit fits a newborn well and they often look swallowed in clothes. Accessories are good though– little hats, dainty headbands, etc. I have a wide selection of props that you can choose from. Baby will mostly be swaddled or naked for parent/sibling pictures.


Photographing the connection between you and your baby is one of my favorite things. Just as they encourage in the hospital or at home birth, skin to skin contact creates the most beautiful images.


Keep the color neutral and design simple. Be sure your nails are tidy and clean  as your hands will make their way into the images. Also, rest assured, I aim to photograph using flattering angles and lighting to bring out the natural beauty in you and your family.


Including older brother/sister(s) in your newborn’s portrait is the perfect way to document this fleeting time in your lives.


Clean, clean, clean- clean nails, clean hair, clean feet, fresh scrub teeth, and wipe away eye boogers and snotty noses. The cleaner the child, the better their photos will turn out. If your child is still of napping age, make sure they nap before the shoot.


It is perfectly okay to bring bribes to a photo-shoot–some toys, snacks or candies. Do not let them eat or drink anything will stain their cheeks, mouths or teeth.

Due to the duration of the newborn session, I recommend bringing young children into the studio either in the beginning of the session for about 30 minutes. Please arrange for childcare for them when they are not being photographed. Young children do not have long attention spans (1.5-2.5 hours are way too long for them). They may not do well in unfamiliar places and will disrupt the environment in the studio necessary for newborn photography.